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About VOpenCHR
VOpenCHR is an Open Source VERGE CHR Editor that aims to edit CHR (sprite) files for all VERGE versions. VERGE is a role playing game creation engine and can be found at http://www.verge-rpg.com/.

Current Features

- Create a new transparent CHR from scratch
- Opens and saves VERGE 1, 2, 2.6 (hi color), and 3 CHRs
- Edit frame by frame with standard painting tools
- Load CHR frames from standard image types
- Save the frames as a PNG file
- Edit movescripts and view the results in real time
- Insert, delete, clear, swap, and flip frames
- Crop the entire CHR based on a selection
- Edit, load, and save palettes
- Convert to and from palettized CHRs
- Edit the hotspot with the hotspot tool
- Associate CHR Files with VOpenCHR (Windows only)
- Undo and redo most changes
- Save VERGE 3 CHRs at different compression levels
- Adjust and save configuration options

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