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December 19, 2004 - 21:52 PST

VOpenCHR 0.5 released

VOpenCHR version 0.5 has been released. This is a big release. The editor is much more robust now, but there's still lots of features to add from the TODO file.

The new features are:
- Recent files listing
- Save VERGE 3 files with a specified compression level
- Tooltips for the frame panes are now in the status bar
- You can click the website address in the about box in Windows
- Associate CHR Files with VOpenCHR in Windows
- Fixed the bug that occured when you tried to paste from the clipboard when no bitmap data was in it
- The right click menu now has copy, pate insert, paste over, clear, flip, and swap options
- Crop the entire CHR based on a selection
- Adjust animation speed in the movescript dialog via a slider
- All major operations are undoable and redoable
- Configure VOpenCHR and save those preferences automatically

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